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The Islamic World: Past and Present

Understanding Islam and the people who believe in it has become crucially important in the greater world. As Reference and User Services Quarterly stated when this work was published in print, The Islamic World: Past and Present is "of extraordinary value to a person who simply wants to learn about Islamic culture without sorting through the rhetoric of pro-Islamic and anti-Islamic voices..."

John Esposito's acclaimed four-volume The Oxford Encyclopedia of the Modern Islamic World (1995) set the standard for references on Islam. Adapted from The Oxford Encyclopedia of the Modern Islamic World (1995), this award-winning resource provides coverage of the pre-modern world of Islam and events and changes of recent years. This is a comprehensive introductory resource for gaining understanding into the belief system, history, and culture of Islam.

Published by Oxford University Press, 2003.

John L. Esposito, Editor in Chief

Associate Editors:
Abdulaziz Sachedina
Tamara Sonn
John O. Voll

Oxford University Press

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