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What's New in Oxford Islamic Studies Online

A variety of regular updates and site enhancements are scheduled for Oxford Islamic Studies Online. In previous updates, we've added maps and entries from the Atlas of the World's Religions as well as the entire text of the acclaimed resource Teaching Islam. Articles and images have been loaded from the award-winning Grove Encyclopedia of Islamic Art & Architecture, making the site more comprehensive by expanding its coverage of the arts. Lesson plans developed by noted scholars have also been added to the Learning Resources area of the site, part of a growing collection offered to help instructors utilize the site's content to its best advantage in the classroom.

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Spring 2019

New Articles

This update includes new entries on Gender and Sexuality (edited by Samar Habib), Southeast Asia (edited by Imtiyaz Yusuf), and Current Events (edited by Peter Mandaville).

Gender and Sexuality
Liwāṭ in Islamic Jurisprudence
Queer Muslims in Diasporic Fiction
Sexual Norms and Practices in the Qur'ān and the Sunnah
Sexual Rights in Muslim Societies
Sunnī and Shia Perspectives on Assisted Reproductive Technologies

Southeast Asia
Islamic Finance in Southeast Asia
Philosophical Dimension of Southeast Asian Muslim Mysticism

Current Events
The Five Percenters
The Houthi Movement

Focus On Essay

Even in Death, Muslim Rights Are Violated, by Arjun Singh Sethi.

The current Focus On essay is freely available online. The public can access the content of all Focus On essays, and use the Related Reading links for a current feature. Subscribers have permanent access to all current and previous Focus On features and links. To receive details on new Focus On features, enter your email address in the box below.

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