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Oxford Islamic Studies Online provides two different interpretations of the Qurʾan frequently recommended in courses for their even-handed approach and accessibility.

Accompanying the Qurʾan interpretations is a full Concordance linking English words and corresponding transliterations of the Arabic text to chapter and verse citations. These resources can be used and displayed individually and in combination for browsing or intensive study and comparison.

For assistance in using the Qurʾans and Concordance, please click the Help link, located throughout the site in the top right portion of your screen.

Qurʾanic Studies

This page serves as a map to the principal Qurʾanic resources on this site.


Browse The Koran Interpreted - A Translation by A.J. Arberry

Browse The Qurʾan - A Translation by M.A.S. Abdel Haleem

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Read the Haleem Introduction to the Qurʾan


Browse A Concordance of the Qurʾan - by Hanna E. Kassis

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Read the Introduction to the Concordance


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