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Guide to Reference Articles

Oxford Islamic Studies Online includes thousands of reference articles drawn from Oxford's major print publications, covering the span of the Islamic world. Click on the title below to access a complete, hyperlinked table of contents for each work.

The Oxford Dictionary of Islam
The Oxford Encyclopedia of the Islamic World
The Oxford Encyclopedia of the Modern Islamic World
The Islamic World: Past and Present
The Grove Encyclopedia of Islamic Art and Architecture
The Oxford History of Islam
What Everyone Needs to Know About Islam, Second Edition
The Oxford Encyclopedia of Islam and Women
The Oxford Handbook of Islam and Politics
Oxford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, Science, and Technology in Islam
The [Oxford] Encyclopedia of Islam and Law
OISO Online-only Articles
Spotlight: Islam and Film
Spotlight: Islam and Christianity
Spotlight: Southeast Asia
Spotlight: East Africa
Spotlight: West Africa
Spotlight: United States
Spotlight: Bosnia and Herzegovina
Spotlight: Andalusia
Spotlight: Western Europe
Encyclopedia of Islamic Bioethics

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