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Displaying 30 Moments from 542 - 966

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  Islamic World NonIslamic World        
        Year Moment  
    NonIslamic World   542 - 594 Plague in Europe cuts population in half  
    NonIslamic World   575 Buddhism firmly established in Japan  
    NonIslamic World   600 Book printing in China  
    NonIslamic World   628 Byzantines retake the Holy Cross from the Sassanid Persians  
    NonIslamic World   672 - 735 Venerable Bede, English monk, theologian, and author of Ecclesiastical History of the English People  
    NonIslamic World   700 Greek, rather than Latin, becomes the official language of the Eastern Roman Empire  
    NonIslamic World   700 Water wheels for mills in use throughout Europe  
    NonIslamic World   715 Saint Boniface begins Christian missionary work among Germans  
    NonIslamic World   720 Opposition to use of images in Byzantine churches  
    NonIslamic World   725 Flowering of Buddhist civilization in China  
    NonIslamic World   727 Pope Gregory II excommunicates Byzantine emperor  
    NonIslamic World   742 - 814 Charlemagne crowned Roman Emperor by the Pope; Holy Roman Empire as new Western empire in competition with Byzantine Empire  
    NonIslamic World   748 First newspaper in print in Peking, China  
    NonIslamic World   750 Gregorian church music in Germany, France and England; wind organs from Byzantium replace water organs  
    NonIslamic World   751 Chinese paper makers teach paper manufacturing to Arabs  
    NonIslamic World   765 Pictorial book printing in Japan  
    NonIslamic World   800 Flowering of Korean civilization  
    NonIslamic World   800 Pope Leo III splits from Eastern Europe and becomes supreme bishop of the West  
    NonIslamic World   843 Treaty of Verdun results in division of Frankish Empire  
    NonIslamic World   845 Vivian Bible, one of the earliest illustrated manuscripts  
    NonIslamic World   845 Paper money in China leads to inflation and state bankruptcy  
    NonIslamic World   877 Edict of Quierzy makes fiefs hereditary in France  
    NonIslamic World   895 Earliest Hebrew manuscript of the Old Testament  
    NonIslamic World   900 Mayas emigrate to Yucatan Peninsula  
    NonIslamic World   900 Constantinople is preeminent city in the world commercially and culturally  
    NonIslamic World   900 Castles become seats of European nobility  
    NonIslamic World   907 Commercial treaties between Kiev and Constantinople  
    NonIslamic World   935 Wang Chien establishes centralized monarchy in China  
    NonIslamic World   950 Vikings develop art of shipbuilding and discover Greenland  
    NonIslamic World   966 Zenith of Fujiwara family in Japan  
Islamic World NonIslamic World          
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