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Geography of the Islamic World

Oxford Islamic Studies Online includes 20 entries and over 40 full-color maps from the latest edition of the Atlas of the World's Religions. Designed to support teaching and learning about global Islam, this page is thematically organized to cover the development and presence of Islam from its origins to the present day.

To get started, select a theme to jump to a list of related articles and maps from the Atlas, or scroll down to browse article and map titles under each theme.


Historical Development of Islam
Empires and Upheavals from the Middle Ages through the Early 20th Century
Islam in Asia, Africa, and Europe
Branches and Sects of Islam
The Contemporary Muslim World

Historical Development of Islam

Pre-Islamic Arabia
Map 1: Pre-Islamic Arabia and its Neighbors
Map 2: Pre-Islamic Mecca and its Environs
Arabia at the time of Muhammad
Map 1: Arabia during the life of Muhammad
Map 2: The Hajj
Map 3: Mecca
The Spread of Islam
Map 1: Islamic Expansion to 1750
Map 2: Islamic Spain to the 13th Century
The Rise of Islam and the Major World Religions to 1500 CE
Map 1: The Rise of Islam
Map 2: World Religions, c. 1500 CE

Empires and Upheavals from the Middle Ages through the Early 20th Century

The Crusades
Map 1: The Crusades, 1096-1192
Map 2: The Later Crusades, 1217-70
Map 3: The Reconquista
Christianity and the Ottoman Empire
Map 1: Christianity and the Rise of the Ottomans
Map 2: Christianity and the Decline of the Ottomans
Map 3: Eastern-rite Christians
The Ottoman Empire
Map 1: The Ottoman Empire 1512-1683
Map 2: The Decline of the Ottoman Empire in the Balkans
Islamic Modernism and Islamic Revival
Map 1: Islamic revivals in the 18th and 19th centuries
Map 2: The Turkish Revolution, 1919-1923

Islam in Asia, Africa, and Europe

The Spread of Islam in South and Southeast Asia
Map 1: Islam in South Asia
Map 2: Trade around the Indian Ocean in the 15th century
Map 3: Islam in Maritime Southeast Asia to the 18th century
Islam and Hinduism in South Asia
Map 1: India in the 16th Century
Map 2: Bhakti Poet-Saints, 13th to 18th Centuries
Map 3: Vijayanagara
Islam and Christianity in Asia
Map 1: Spread of Christianity and Islam in Asia
Map 2: The Philippines
Modern Islam: Central Asia and China
Map 1: Islam in Central Asia and China
Map 2: Islam in Southern Russia
Islam in Africa
Map 1: Islam in Africa by 1700
Map 2: Islam in Africa, early 1990s
Map 3: European Colonialism in Northern Africa, c. 1920
The Spread of Islam in the Modern World
Map 1: The Growth of Islam in SE Asia and the Pacific
Map 2: Islam in Europe Today

Branches and Sects of Islam

The History of the Shia
Map 1: The Shi'i Dynasties
Map 2: The Shi'a Today
The Rise and Spread of Sufism
Map 1: The Spread of Sufism
Map 2: Sufism in the Caucasus and Central Asia to the 19th century

The Contemporary Muslim World

Religion in the World Today
Map 1: World Religions
Varieties of Islam Today
Map 1: Core Muslim Groups in the Middle East
Map 2: Languages of the Muslim World
Map 3: Ethnicity and Culture
Map 4: Islam in the Americas
Map 5: Some Inter-continental Migrations of Muslims
Israel and the Arabs
Map 1: The Arab-Israeli Wars, 1949-73
Map 2: Jerusalem 1949-67
Map 3: Jerusalem since the Six-Day War
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