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Arberry, Arthur J. , trans. "THE BELIEVER." In The Koran Interpreted. Oxford Islamic Studies Online. May 24, 2022. <>.


Arberry, Arthur J. , trans. "THE BELIEVER." In The Koran Interpreted. Oxford Islamic Studies Online, (accessed May 24, 2022).

40 THE BELIEVER (1 – 20)

In the Name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate

Ha Mim

The sending down of the Book is from God the All-mighty, the All-knowing, Forgiver of sins, Accepter of penitence, Terrible in retribution, the Bountiful; there is no god but He, and unto Him is the homecoming.

None but the unbelievers dispute concerning the signs of God; so let not their going to and fro in the land delude thee. 5The people of Noah before them also cried lies, and the parties after them; every nation purposed against their Messenger to seize him, and disputed with falsehood that they might rebut thereby the truth. Then I seized them; and how was My retribution! Even so the Word of thy Lord was realised against the unbelievers, that they are the inhabitants of the Fire.

Those who bear the Throne, and those round about it proclaim the praise of their Lord, and believe in Him, and they ask forgiveness for those who believe: ‘Our Lord, Thou embracest every thing in mercy and knowledge; therefore forgive those who have repented, and follow Thy way, and guard them against the chastisement of Hell. Our Lord, and admit them to the Gardens of Eden that Thou hast promised them and those who were righteous of their fathers, and their wives, and their seed; surely Thou art the All-mighty, the All-wise. And guard them against evil deeds; whomsoever Thou guardest against evil deeds on that day, on him Thou hast had mercy; and that is indeed the mighty triumph.’

10It shall be proclaimed to the unbelievers, ‘Surely God's hatred is greater than your hatred one of another, when you were called unto belief, and disbelieved.’ They shall say, ‘Our Lord, Thou hast caused us to die two deaths and Thou hast given us twice to live; now we confess our sins. Is there any way to go forth?’

That is because, when God was called to alone, you disbelieved; but if others are associated with Him, then you believe. Judgment belongs to God, the All-high, the All-great.

It is He who shows you His signs and sends down to you out of heaven provision; yet none remembers but he who repents. So call unto God, making your religion His sincerely, though the unbelievers be averse.

15Exalter of ranks is He, Possessor of the Throne, casting the Spirit of His bidding upon whomever He will of His servants, that he may warn them of the Day of Encounter, the day they sally forth, and naught of theirs is hidden from God. ‘Whose is the Kingdom today?’ ‘God's, the One, the Omnipotent. Today each soul shall be recompensed for that it has earned; no wrong today. Surely God is swift at the reckoning.’

And warn them against the Day of the Imminent when, choking with anguish, the hearts are in the throats and the evildoers have not one loyal friend, no intercessor to be heeded.

20He knows the treachery of the eyes and what the breasts conceal.

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