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Arberry, Arthur J. , trans. "THE PEN." In The Koran Interpreted. Oxford Islamic Studies Online. Jan 23, 2022. <>.


Arberry, Arthur J. , trans. "THE PEN." In The Koran Interpreted. Oxford Islamic Studies Online, (accessed Jan 23, 2022).

68 THE PEN (1 – 32)

In the Name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate


By the Pen, and what they inscribe, thou art not, by the blessing of thy Lord, a man possessed. Surely thou shalt have a wage unfailing; surely thou art upon a mighty morality. So thou shalt see, and they will see, which of you is the demented.

Surely thy Lord knows very well those who have gone astray from His way, and He knows very well those who are guided.

So obey thou not those who cry lies. They wish that thou shouldst compromise, then they would compromise. 10And obey thou not every mean swearer, backbiter, going about with slander, hinderer of good, guilty aggressor, coarse-grained, moreover ignoble, because he has wealth and sons. 15When Our signs are recited to him, he says, ‘Fairy-tales of the ancients!’ We shall brand him upon the muzzle!

Now We have tried them, even as We tried the owners of the garden when they swore they would pluck in the morning and they added not the saving words. Then a visitation from thy Lord visited it, while they were sleeping, 20and in the morning it was as if it were a garden plucked. In the morning they called to one another, ‘Come forth betimes upon your tillage, if you would pluck!’ So they departed, whispering together, ‘No needy man shall enter it today against your will.’ 25And they went forth early, determined upon their purpose. But when they saw it, they said, ‘Surely we are gone astray; nay, rather we have been robbed!’ Said the most moderate of them, ‘Did I not say to you, “Why do you not give glory?”’ They said, ‘Glory be to God, our Lord; truly, we were evildoers.’ 30And they advanced one upon another, blaming each other. They said, ‘Woe, alas for us! Truly, we were insolent. It may be that our Lord will give us in exchange a better than it; to our Lord we humbly turn.’

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