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Arberry, Arthur J. , trans. "MAN." In The Koran Interpreted. Oxford Islamic Studies Online. Oct 17, 2019. <>.


Arberry, Arthur J. , trans. "MAN." In The Koran Interpreted. Oxford Islamic Studies Online, (accessed Oct 17, 2019).

76 MAN (1 – 22)

In the Name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate

Has there come on man a while of time when he was a thing unremembered?

We created man of a sperm-drop, a mingling, trying him; and We made him hearing, seeing. Surely We guided him upon the way whether he be thankful or unthankful. Surely We have prepared for the unbelievers chains, fetters, and a Blaze. 5Surely the pious shall drink of a cup whose mixture is camphor, a fountain whereat drink the servants of God, making it to gush forth plenteously. They fulfil their vows, and fear a day whose evil is upon the wing; they give food, for the love of Him, to the needy, the orphan, the captive: ‘We feed you only for the Face of God; we desire no recompense from you, no thankfulness; 10for we fear from our Lord a frowning day, inauspicious.’ So God has guarded them from the evil of that day, and has procured them radiancy and gladness, and recompensed them for their patience with a Garden, and silk; therein they shall recline upon couches, therein they shall see neither sun nor bitter cold; near them shall be its shades, and its clusters hung meekly down, 15and there shall be passed around them vessels of silver, and goblets of crystal, crystal of silver that they have measured very exactly. And therein they shall be given to drink a cup whose mixture is ginger, therein a fountain whose name is called Salsabil. Immortal youths shall go about them; 20when thou seest them, thou supposest them scattered pearls, when thou seest them then thou seest bliss and a great kingdom. Upon them shall be green garments of silk and brocade; they are adorned with bracelets of silver, and their Lord shall give them to drink a pure draught. ‘Behold, this is a recompense for you, and your striving is thanked.’

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