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Arberry, Arthur J. , trans. "THE PLUCKERS." In The Koran Interpreted. Oxford Islamic Studies Online. May 28, 2022. <>.


Arberry, Arthur J. , trans. "THE PLUCKERS." In The Koran Interpreted. Oxford Islamic Studies Online, (accessed May 28, 2022).

79 THE PLUCKERS (1 – 33)

In the Name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate

5By those that pluck out vehemently and those that draw out violently, by those that swim serenely and those that outstrip suddenly by those that direct an affair!

Upon the day when the first blast shivers and the second blast follows it, hearts upon that day shall be athrob and their eyes shall be humbled. 10They shall say, ‘What, are we being restored as we were before? What, when we are bones old and wasted?’ They shall say, ‘That then were a losing return!’ But it shall be only a single scare, and behold, they are awakened.

15Hast thou received the story of Moses? When his Lord called to him in the holy valley, Towa: ‘Go to Pharaoh; he has waxed insolent. And say, “Hast thou the will to purify thyself, and that I should guide thee to thy Lord, then thou 20shalt fear?”’ So he showed him the great sign, but he cried lies, and rebelled, then he turned away hastily, then he mustered and proclaimed, and he said, ‘I am your Lord, the Most High!’ So 25God seized him with the chastisement of the Last World and the First. Surely in that is a lesson for him who fears! What, are you stronger in constitution or the heaven He built? He lifted up its vault, and levelled it, and darkened its night, and brought forth its forenoon; 30and the earth—after that He spread it out, therefrom brought forth its waters and its pastures, and the mountains He set firm, an enjoyment for you and your flocks.

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